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Peek Gear

PEEK, as the engineering plastic with the best comprehensive performance, is also often used to manufacture gears. 

• High temperature resistance

• Wear resistance

• Self-lubricating

• Low-noise

• Environmentally friendly and non-toxic

• Low hygroscopicity and hydrolysis resistance

• Corrosion Resistance

  • PEEK

  • ChinaPEEK

  • According to drawing

  • Natural or Black


Product Description


PEEK Polymers in Gear Applications

Although many enterprises still hinge on metal gears, other leading players are using new materials for cost and performance benefits. Many of these advances already leverage the benefits of highly versatile JUNHUA® PEEK polymers.

As a true alternative solution to metals, JUNHUA® PEEK delivers superior performance under extreme conditions and offers key benefits across all phases of the production process.

The key benefits of gears made of JUNHUA® PEEK over metal gears:

  • Up to 70% weight reduction

  • Up to 50% (3dB) noise reduction

  • Up to 80% reduced moment of inertia

PEEK Polymers used in reliable and efficient gear solutions:


Compared with traditional gear metal materials, PEEK can reduce the production cost and weight, effectively reduce the weight of the gear, reduce the moment of inertia, and improve the torque-to-weight ratio and torque-to-inertia ratio.


PEEK has a low coefficient of friction and excellent wear resistance, outperform-ing metal in many harsh environments, no need to worry rust and metal chipissues.


When the PEEK gear rubs against the pair gear, a transfer film is generated instantly. When the transfer film shifts to a stable friction state, a stable transfer film can also be formed, resulting in a very stable friction coefficient and a very low wear rate, which is comparable to traditional metal gears. Quieter than effective noise reduction.PEEK's self-lubricating properties have become an ideal gear material for low-load operating machinery. It can still run stably under oil-free conditions, avoiding the pollution of lubricating oil, and has been maturely used in the food filling industry.

High strength

Compared with POM, PEEK5600G (pure PEEK) has higher strength and better toughness, which is mainly based on the fact that PEEK has both a flexible group-ether bond and a rigid group-benzene ring on its molecular main chain, which is a strong And tough material. After fiber reinforcement, the strength is greatly increased, such as PEEK5600OCF30 (30% carbon fiber reinforced PEEK), the tensile strength reaches 230MPa, which is twice that of pure PEEK.

Corrosion Resistance

PEEK only dissolves in concentrated sulfuric acid and other strong oxidizing working conditions, and has good chemical resistance, especially in acid and alkali resistance at high temperature, which is better than polyimide. At the same time, the water absorption rate of PEEK is very small, and the saturated water absorption rate of 23C is only 0.5%. And PEEK has good hot water resistance and can be used in pressurized hot water or steam at 300° C.

Product Show

PEEK gear