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PEEK Polymer | Medical Grade

Why PEEK polymer is ideal material for medical device? 
PEEK(poly ether ether ketone) is confirmed biocompatibility material three decades ago.By the late 1990s, medical grade PEEK polymer had emerged as the leading high-performance thermoplastic candidate for replacing metal implant components, especially in orthopedics and trauma devices.Unfilled PEEK biomaterials can exhibit an elastic modulus ranging between 3 and 4 GPa, the modulus can be tailored to closely match cortical bone (18 GPa) or titanium alloy (110 GPa) by preparing carbon fiber-reinforced (CFR) composites with varying fiber length and orientation.Medical PEEK is increasingly used as biomaterials for the medical products.

Plus, for medical device parts,PEEK provides a great benefit: It saves weight,allows more design freedom and a greater functional integration, it also scores with X-ray transparency and elasticity which corresponds approximately to bone.