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The Leading PEEK Manufacturer in China Since 2007

PEEK polymerization | Compounding| Extrusion |
Compressed molding | Injection molding | Machining


Who are we?

JUNHUA® PEEK was founded in 2007, the initial business is PEEK precision parts. In 2013, JUNHUA® PEEK became the first company in China to realize PEEK stock shape massive extrusion. In 2020, the operation of Shandong Junhao ( subsidiary company of JUNHUA® PEEK for PEEK raw material polymerization) marks that JUNHUA® PEEK has fulfilled the full industrial chain of PEEK material.


16 years dedication to PEEK (Poly Ether Ether Ketone) from R&D, production to PEEK application development for more new products & new industries.


20,000+ PEEK solutions are helping the global leading companies from different industries in the past decade.
The cutting-edge new PEEK product is always developed by JUNHUA® PEEK, like the world‘s biggest extruded PEEK rod, the CF/PEEK composite.