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PEEK Unfilled

Poly (ether ether ketone)(PEEK) is a linear polymer whose main chain is composed of Aryl, ketone and ether bonds. PEEK has a large number of benzene rings in its molecular chain, so its heat resistance can match that of polyimide, while two ether chains and a renegade group provide the material with flexibility and excellent workmanship.The structure is as follows:
PEEK has good melt fluidity and thermal stability above the melting point. Therefore, it has the typical Thermoplastic processing properties, so it can be used injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, lamination and other molding methods, but also spinning, film. Although the melting temperature range of polyether ether ketone is 360 ~ 400 °C, its thermal decomposition temperature is over 520 °C, so it still has a wide range of processing temperature.


What Industries are PEEK Unfilled used in?

At present, PEEK is widely used in the fields of petroleum, food processing, automobile and aerospace because of its excellent electrical, mechanical, high temperature and corrosion resistance.
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  • PEEK Unfilled Manufacturing Plant

    Jiangsu Junhua started the PEEK polymerization project in 2014 and completed the pilot test in 2016. In 2018, Shandong Junhao High Performance Polymer Co. , Ltd. was officially established in Jining, Shandong Province, China, to carry out industrial production of PEEK polymerization, and finally in 2019, Jiangsu Junhua complete the production of PEEK industrial chain.


PEEK Unfilled Technical Data Sheets

Jiangsu Junhua production of PEEK raw materials are divided into two, one is a powder, one is particles. PEEK powder is usually used for molding and spraying, etc. . PEEK particles are usually used for injection molding and extrusion production.

JUNHUA®PEEK5600G is the most commonly used brand in Jiangsu Junhua, it is medium fluidity PEEK pure material particles, and its corresponding is VICTREX PEEK 450G. JUNHUA®PEEK3600G is a high mobility pure PEEK particle, and JUNHUA®PEEK7600G is a low mobility pure PEEK particle.


Test Standard or Instrument


Tensile strength(23℃) ISO-527 MPa 97 95 94
Tensile modulus(23℃) ISO-527 GPa 4.1 4.0 4.0
Tensile elongation(23℃) ISO-527 % 15 25 40
Bending strength(23℃) ISO 178 MPa 175 169 163
Bending modulus(23℃) ISO 178 GPa 4.3 4.2 4.2
Compressive strength(23℃) ISO 604 MPa 125 125 125

Charpy tched impact strength

ISO 179/U KJ/m2 140(No break) 150(No break) 160(No break)

LZOD notched impact strength

ISO 180/A KJ/m2 5 6 7


PEEK Unfilled Data Download

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PEEK Unfilled FAQ

PEEK material is engraved in our DNA, all of our work revolves around PEEK, to make this material benefit human beings better.
Junhua PEEK is continually exploring more PEEK solutions for new area that address the good performance of PEEK every day.


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