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PEEK Unfilled

Poly (ether ether ketone)(PEEK) is a linear polymer whose main chain is composed of Aryl, ketone and ether bonds. PEEK has a large number of benzene rings in its molecular chain, so its heat resistance can match that of polyimide, while two ether chains and a renegade group provide the material with flexibility and excellent workmanship.The structure is as follows:
PEEK has good melt fluidity and thermal stability above the melting point. Therefore, it has the typical Thermoplastic processing properties, so it can be used injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, lamination and other molding methods, but also spinning, film. Although the melting temperature range of polyether ether ketone is 360 ~ 400 °C, its thermal decomposition temperature is over 520 °C, so it still has a wide range of processing temperature.