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JUNHUAPEEK - New Arrival - PEEK monofilaments

Views: 24     Author: Steven Huang     Publish Time: 2016-04-20      Origin: Site

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JUNHUA® PEEK Monofilament (fiber) new arrival

PEEK monofilament

01PEEK Monofilament 

As we all know, PEEK is one of the most excellent polyether ketone polymers, which is a thermoplastic polymer with good comprehensive performance. PEEK products are very rich, the main categories are injection molding parts, continuous extrusion plate/bar profiles, film, capillary and other products.

 peek monofilament (6)
 peek monofilament (7)

Jiangsu Junhua Special Plastic according to customer needs to develop part of the size of JUNHUA@PEEK monofilament (fiber). JUNHUA@PEEK Monofilament has excellent insulation properties, excellent strength and excellent heat and chemical resistance.

01PEEK Monofilament Performance

 peek monofilament (8)

JUNHUA@PEEK(polyetheretherketone) monofilament (fibers) show high performance. 

Tensile strength 600~700MPa (the breaking strength of the single filament is about 50 cN/ Tex), 

Elongation 40%, 

Melting point 340℃, 

G weight 430 g/10000 m (φ0.2mm).

JUNHUA PEEK5600G (natural color) 0.2mm fiber
No. Size(mm) Tensile strength(Mpa) Fracture strength(cN/Tex)
1 0.221
2 0.218 711 56
3 0.212 709 58
4 0.217
709 58
5 0.220 704 57

JUNHUA PEEK5600GH (black color) 0.2mm fiber
No. Size(mm) Tensile strength(Mpa) Fracture strength(cN/Tex)
1 0.215
702 59
2 0.221 677 60
3 0.219 722 58
4 0.223
651 48
5 0.217 723 56

 peek monofilament (10)

03PEEK Monofilament Application

 peek monofilament (11)

PEEK woven filter cloth

JUNHUA@PEEK Monofilaments (fibers) have the characteristics of steam resistance, wear resistance, coil resistance, good toughness and good biocompatibility. They are widely used in dry canvas of paper machinery, heat-resistant press cloth, racquet network cable, composite materials (mixed with CF,GF, etc.), fuel filters, artificial ligaments, high temperature insulating sheath on aircraft, etc.