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JUNHUA®PEEK Team strives for China PEEK dream

Views: 12     Author: Steven Huang     Publish Time: 2016-04-20      Origin: Junhua ChinaPEEK

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Cohesiveness makes a team, centripetal force promotes development


No need to care about the position you are in, no need to care about how much you pay, to be the best you can be in JunHua's position and reflect your value is the highest requirement of JunHua's professional ethics for employees.

As a member of Junhua, we should always keep in mind that we are working hard for the PEEK dream, our goal is to help national defense, and our journey is the starry sea.

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--Jiangsu Junhua Special Plastics Aerospace Military Division

Team Spirit

No matter it is the time of cold winter or the season of spring, the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of work always remain high and do not change because of the change of season. Everyone gives up rest and works overtime just to advance the progress of the project, complete the ordered products and guarantee the delivery date.

Team spirit, a clear willingness to collaborate and a collaborative approach, creates a real inner motivation among colleagues. Team spirit is part of the corporate culture. Only when we all struggle together and maintain a positive and enthusiastic working attitude can we gather the team centripetal force and better utilize the potential of each employee.


Thanks to every colleague working hard at the front line, it is because of your unremitting efforts that the company's steady development has been achieved; because of your selfless efforts, the performance of the Aerospace Military Division has been rising. We are grateful to have you all the way!

Opportunities and challenges coexist

In recent years, as the market demand for PEEK gradually expanded, the localization of PEEK materials to accelerate the process of replacing imports. In 95% of the conditions of use, the performance of domestic PEEK raw materials have been equal to imports, and even slightly beyond.


There is a market there will be demand, demand there will be opportunities, Jiangsu Junhua special plastic in line with market development needs, and constantly expand PEEK production capacity, from the polymerization of raw materials, profile extrusion and parts products injection molding machine processing, the formation of a complete PEEK whole industry chain. At present, the company has been divided by industry, in the form of business units, the company's overall management, business units to undertake the business promotion, production and after-sales work in the industry to which they belong, concentrating the strength of professionals specializing in the industry involved in the market, improve competitive advantage, enhance the corporate brand image and increase sales performance.

Junhua takes off by accumulation

Jiangsu Junhua special plastic, focus on PEEK, PI and other high-performance special engineering plastic resin raw materials, profiles and products application research and development, production and sales, but also for the aerospace needs of the development of continuous carbon fiber CF / PEEK thermoplastic composite patented products, so far has 16 years of history.

PEEK parts

Junhua aerospace military division, involving industries including aviation, aerospace, military, nuclear power four sections, the product precision requirements are high, we have also been committed to the precision and quality of products with craftsmanship, technology as the guide, quality as the life, and continue to expand the market, the pursuit of customer satisfaction, and continuous development of the market.

PEEK rod, tube, sheet

The majestic road is really like iron, and now we are stepping forward from the beginning. We take every day's work seriously, actively play the team's strengths, push the department forward continuously, and contribute to the overall strategic development of the company. 2022, the company's overall strategic sales and shipments target of 230 million yuan, sprint 250 million yuan. With a set goal, moving forward towards success is also the motivation that every Junghwa has been insisting on.