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Another CF/PEEK composite paper by Junhua was included in the journal Fiber Composite Materials

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Another CF/PEEK composite paper by Junhua was included in the journal "Fiber Composite Materials"

The composite material R&D department of the Engineering Technology Research Center of Jiangsu Junhua Special Engineering Plastics Products Co., Ltd. published the article "Research on the Matching of Continuous Carbon Fiber Fabric Reinforced PEEK Thermoplastic Composites" in the journal "Fiber Composite Materials" in March 2022 .

Research on the compatibility of continuous carbon fiber fabric reinforced PEEK thermoplastic composites<<<<

The paper focuses on industry hotspots, adopts scientific and accurate research methods, uses the company's advanced research equipment and scientific research environment, and through patient and meticulous repeated tests, obtains accurate and detailed experimental data, and harvests innovative results.

This paper compares the T300 3K fiber fabrics of seven carbon fiber manufacturers at home and abroad, which are respectively compounded with PEEK resin, and comprehensively evaluates carbon fiber and PEEK resin from the aspects of carbon fiber performance, appearance, composite product performance, composite damage section and infiltration effect. Material compatibility. By verifying the matching, four kinds of combination performances are screened out, and two of them have better effect. The screening and matching method can provide reference and reference for industry application material selection and industrial production.

About Us<<<<

The main products of Jiangsu Junhua Special Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. are PEEK polyetheretherketone resin, profiles and their products, which have good temperature resistance, toughness and fatigue resistance, as well as self-lubricating, flame retardant, implantable and recyclable And other characteristics, in line with the requirements of aerospace, military, medical, special machinery industries, the application field is gradually expanding. This leading product belongs to the advanced manufacturing high-end new material cluster and industrial chain developed in Jiangsu Province, "advanced carbon material" composite material and "chemical new material", and belongs to the "core key basic material" of the manufacturing industry in terms of industry orientation. It has been 16 years. R&D and production experience.

PEEK polyether ether ketone is an important part of the development and substitution of imports in the key fields of medical orthopaedic joint repair and replacement, sports medicine and military industry, and aerospace industries. Materials, fundamentally solve the problems of my country's medical PEEK materials dependence on imports, the lack of basic raw material support for the development of related innovative products urgently needed in clinical practice, and the "stuck neck" of special fields by foreign countries, breaking foreign monopoly and realizing import substitution.